Oppo is patenting a very special device with a flexible display that functions as a foldable tablet, into which you can insert your mobile phone. This way you have the same functions and apps, but on a large screen.

T heChinese Oppo knows how to distinguish itself from other smartphone manufacturers by showing innovation at an attractive price. Oppo was also the first manufacturer in the Netherlands to establish a 5G network connection in collaboration with T-Mobile . A prototype of an Oppo folding smartphone was also shown at the start of this year . In addition, the creative engineers of the company seem to be working on a special alternative, so that you still have access to a large bendable screen.

Although smartphones with a flexible display seem to have the future, folding phones are simply not yet available to the general public. The selling price of around € 2000 (such as the Galaxy Fold ) is simply way too high. The Chinese manufacturer has an innovative idea for the meantime. We are not talking about theOppo smartwatch currently being developed , but about a display device where you can insert the smartphone, giving you an extra-large screen format

Oppo foldable tablet withFoldable device can also function independently

Consumers are increasingly in need of a large screen, which is also light and thin, as can be read in the enclosed documentation. To meet this need, Oppo has designed a mobile terminal that functions as a large foldable tablet with touch control. Ideal to watch Netflix movies, or to play games of course.

The foldable tablet from Oppo has a flexible screen and a hinge, making the device fully foldable. Once folded, the display is on the outside. The enclosed sketches show a particularly large display, almost the size of a laptop. The design may also differ from the images shown. For example, two separate screens could be used instead of one flexible display.

You can bend the device in such a way that you can also put it down and thus use half the screen. The device is then on the second screen part. It is possible that the housing protrudes slightly, so that the screen is better protected and scratches if you move the device.

What is special about this invention is the possibility to plug in your phone at the back. The smartphone is connected to the folding accessory via USB.

Then what you see on your smartphone screen is shown on the large flexible screen. Thanks to touch support you can operate the display device in the same way and you have exactly the same functions and apps as on your smartphone. This way you can even connect to the cloud.

The large flexible screen is of course also ideal for viewing multimedia content. You can also use this foldable tablet for gaming, because playing popular mobile games such as Fortniteor Mario Kart Tour is of course much more fun on a large screen. For the more serious matters, such as the use of Office applications or browsing through internet pages, a large display can also offer a solution. Finally, much more content can be displayed.

Foldable device can also function independently

This Oppo folding tablet has its own processor and its own battery. The telephone battery therefore does not have to be used for supplying power to the flexible screen. This is also possible, thanks to a built-in wireless charging receiver. Provided that the smartphone inversely supports wireless charging , it can therefore also be used to provide the folding tablet with energy.

In addition, this foldable Oppo tablet has Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC.It is possible that even a camera and a music player module are integrated, as the description states. The display device can also be operated without a smartphone, but in simplified form, so you do not have storage capacity, for example. There is also not so much talk about an operating system.

A recess can be made exactly opposite the smartphone, so that you can fully fold the device, even if the smartphone is entered.Whether this recess is needed will depend on the thickness of the device and the thickness of the compatible Oppo smartphones.Incidentally, it is unclear whether you can also use the device in a fully folded position if the smartphone is inserted. You can imagine that the smartphone will soon produce too much heat if it is locked up. A cooling system to dissipate the heat appears to be missing.

Unfortunately, the specifications do not mention the specifications.Issues such as the screen resolution, whether or not to offer 5Gsupport, etc. remain unknown. Whether Oppo will actually introduce this foldable smartphone accessory is unknown, it is at least an ingenious and unique device.


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