The design patents were applied for by Samsung Electronics and were published on 26 August 2019 in the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database. The registration date is striking, the three patents were applied for very recently, namely on 14 August 2019.

Normally there is a significantly longer time between applying for a patent and the actual publication. You should then quickly think of several months, this time only 12 days. Have these patents been speeded up at the request of Samsung? It seems plausible.

We start with the patent that has the most similarities with Samsung’s current folding smartphone (Model B). Seven sketches are included. Just like the Galaxy Fold, this device has a modest front screen, with wide edges on both the top and bottom. On the back we see a triple camera, exactly like Samsung’s current folding phone.

The differences become clear when you open the smartphone.Once expanded you have a large tablet format screen at your disposal. However, the enormous notch of the current Fold has made way for a much more modest notch, which still incorporates two cameras.

This notch is placed either at the top right of the screen – as is currently the case – or at the top left (Model C). This is also the only difference between these two patents.

The third patent (on which the 3D renders are based) shows a foldable telephone that has a similar screen when folded out like the other two models. With this device, however, the notch is positioned exactly in the middle. The folding line of this telephone is therefore not placed vertically, but horizontally.

When folded, you have a completely different type of device in your hands. Not an elongated, narrow phone, but a short, wide device – like a PDA was often designed in the past. The front screen of this model has a different format than the other two devices.

This smartphone seems to have just as many cameras as the Fold;6 in total. The back of this folding telephone shows a triple camera, a double camera is incorporated in the notch and finally we see a single camera on the front.

2 nd generation fold Samsung phones

2nd generation foldable smartphones from Samsung are currently in development. The Korean manufacturer would also like to release a model that can be folded horizontally. This device would have a 6.7-inch flexible screen. It is quite possible that this means the model that Samsung has recently patented. This variant would finally fit in well with the current Galaxy Fold portfolio.

It is unclear if Samsung its second the will cast Gen folding phones.IFA 2019 will start next week, hopefully the new release date of the Galaxy Fold will finally be announced. Chances are that we will then have to wait until the beginning of 2020 before new devices are introduced, these models are likely to be exhibited at MWC 2020.

It is obvious that the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will also be compatible with the fast 5G network. This is also the case with theHuawei Mate X , Samsung chose the Fold only to provide the device with 4G LTE support. However, the Galaxy S10 5G has since been released and 5G models have also been announcedfor the recently introduced Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ . It is therefore obvious that a 5G model will also be released from the Fold 2. Want to know more about 5G in the Netherlands? View our full 5G smartphone overview .

unfolded, you have a 7.3-inch flexible screen at your The current Fold has a 4.6-inch HD + screen on the outside. Once disposal.Shortly before the release it was decided to postpone the launch.This happened after several review copies showed defects. In the meantime, Samsung has made various adjustments, through a press release all improvements of the Samsung Galaxy Fold were explained.

At the same time, it was announced that the updated version will be launched in September this year in a limited edition and in a limited number of countries. Although this was announced more than a month ago, no new details have yet been released.

For example, it is still unknown whether the price has changed and in which countries the device will be released. Initially, the device would also be sold in the Netherlands, in four different colors, for a suggested retail price of € 2,020. Whether it will soon be possible to buy the Galaxy Fold in our country is still unknown.


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