Razer Junglecat game controller for Mobile and PC

The Razer Junglecat is a new game controller for Android smartphones and Windows PCs. Can be used with supplied grip or smartphone case.

American game accessory manufacturer Razer has announced a new game controller. The Razer Junglecat is compatible with all Android smartphones.The dual-sided gaming controller can not only be used for mobile gaming, but also gaming via the desktop is supported. The controllers can be paired with a Windows PC via Bluetooth Low Energy.

In addition to two controllers, a controller grip is also supplied.The controllers can be attached to the grip so that you have one large controller at your disposal, which you can use as a separate handheld controller – similar to the principle of the Nintendo Switch . This way you maintain complete freedom of movement during gaming.

If you have a Razer Phone 2 , a Samsung Galaxy S10 + or aHuawei P30 Pro then you are lucky, because a smartphone case is supplied for these three devices. In this way you can attach the two controllers to the smartphone via the case, giving you a true handheld.

The Huawei P30 Pro is not available in America. That is why Razer has chosen to deliver a case of the Galaxy Note 9 , instead of that of Huawei.

The site also states that all Android smartphones will be compatible, even without a case. Then the controllers can only not be attached to the smartphone, you must then use the supplied grip. System requirements are: Android 7.0 Nougat or higher and Windows 8.1 or higher.

The left controller has an analog thumbstick, two shoulder buttons and a 4-way D-pad. On the right controller, the D-pad has been replaced by 4 separate action buttons.

Two modes are available; Mobile or desktop. Regardless of what you use, thanks to the Low Latency Connection there will be minimal delays, so you can play with extreme precision via yoursmartphone , tablet or PC .

The Junglecat is therefore ideal for competitive mobile games, such as shooting games, fighting games or battle-rich games, where precise control is required. The screen remains free of fingers, so you can continue to follow the gameplay well.Moreover, you can control games much better via the controllers than via a touchscreen.

The design is very similar to the Joy-Con controllers from Nintendo. Although these are undoubtedly the best-known controllers of its kind, Nintendo is certainly not the only one and not so much the first to choose such a design.

Another company that has released similar mobile controllers isGamevice , which can be used for both Android and iOS.Desktop play is not supported, which is the case with the Razer Junglecat.

It is not the first time that Razer uses the name Junglecat. In 2014, the company introduced a Junglecat accessory for the iPhone .This time the controller is not meant for iOS but for Android devices.

Razer Gamepad App

The new game controller is compatible with the Razer Gamepad App. This app recognizes the most popular mobile games, after which the settings are automatically adjusted to your personal preferences.

The Gamepad app also gives access to a large library of controller-compatible games. You can also change the button layout, including the sensitivity of the joysticks. Ideal for first-person shooter games, where high precision is a must. The game controller is equipped with Bluetooth and offers a battery life of over 100 hours. Charging is via USB-C. The Razer Junglecat is available immediately for € 120 including VAT.


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