Samsung is working on a new display technology for smartphones, called SAMOLED. Will this be the screen of the Galaxy S11 and / or the Galaxy Fold 2?

Ten years ago the first Samsung smartphone with AMOLED display came on the market, it was the Samsung i7110. The Active-Matrix OLED displays have been greatly improved over the years and have increased both in size and resolution. They offer a number of advantages over LCD, such as a larger viewing angle, deeper blacks and they are more energy efficient.

Moreover, AMOLED screens are thinner, so this type of display can also be used for flexible and foldable smartphones. It seems that Samsung will soon show a new display innovation; the SAMOLED screen. Possibly meant for the Samsung Galaxy S11and / or the Galaxy Fold 2

On November 6, 2019, Samsung Display filed a trademark in the home country of Korea with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) for the name SAMOLED. A brief description is stated with the application: ‘OLED display; smartphone display;monitor; television screen; digital signage; computer screen’. At the same time, the same trademark was also registered with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the publication followed three days later on November 9, 2019.

The name indicates a new version of the well-known AMOLED screen. What the addition of ‘S’ stands for is as yet unknown. You can read it as ‘SAM’ from Samsung. But the ‘S’ could also stand for ‘Super AMOLED’, for example, although this type of screen has been around for several years, it could be a new name and / or improvement of technology.

This screen technology will probably be the first to be used in a high-end Samsung phone , with the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 expected at the beginning of 2020 being the most obvious. It was previously known that the S11 will have a longer display than its predecessor, the device gets a ratio of 20: 9. In addition, there appears to be a higher image refresh rate. There is talk of a 120Hz screen, which will also benefit the mobile game performance.

Both the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Fold are equipped with a so-called Dynamic AMOLED display . Two months before this device was introduced, LetsGoDigital already reported on the trademark of the same name. You can assume that Samsung has already started preparations for MWC 2020 in February. The S11 and possibly also the Fold 2 are expected at this annual fair in Barcelona. Last week the Korean manufacturer also recorded the name Space Zoom , which probably refers to the 5x zoom camera of the S11.

So far, Samsung has always put a word for “AMOLED” to indicate that it is about different, better OLED technology. Think of ‘Super AMOLED’ and ‘Dynamic AMOLED’. This time it is only one letter that is put before it. Does this mean that a major change is coming? Will SAMOLED soon become the new standard and will it replace AMOLED? We will have to be patient for another 3 months before Samsung will answer this question itself.

View the Korean trademark for Samsung SAMOLED and the American application for SAMOLED.


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