Samsung Display division captures a special Galaxy smartphone with a 3D screen that is rounded off on four sides. App icons are displayed on this.

Begin next year, the Samsung Galaxy S11 , the S11 Plusand S11e expected. In addition, Samsung seems to be working on a new high-end smartphone series, called the Galaxy One. In recent years we have seen a clear trend of minimalist screen edges, giving the user an extra large display surface without increasing the overall dimensions of the device. It is expected that smartphones will have a further completed screen in the coming period, which will also entail renewed functionality.

The first examples of this have already been introduced, think of the Vivo NEX 3 5G telephone, the first device with a so-called waterfall display. The curved screen extends all the way to the side. Another example of innovative screen technology is theXiaomi Mi Mix Alpha , a smartphone with a so-called Surround Display that runs all the way around the housing.

The Korean Samsung has been producing smartphones for years with a so-called edge screen, or a rounded screen. Since the company is developing its own screen technology, you can assume that Samsung will also introduce a new type of display in the near future. A recently published patent shows that the Koreans want the screen to continue not only on the sides, but also on the top and bottom, creating a kind of 3D display. In addition, additional controls are added to the rounded touch screen. Somewhat similar to the side-touch functionality of theHuawei Mate 30 .

Samsung Galaxy smartphone with super rounded touch display

On March 14, 2019, Samsung Display applied for a patent at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a ‘display apparatus and portable terminal’. On November7,2019 pretty new patent  has been published.

The enclosed images show a smartphone with a flat screen and four curved display parts, which are arranged on all sides of the device.  This is why display of this Samsung Galaxy smartphon is extra large and covers almost the entire side of the device.

Three of the four sides bend to90˚ angle.  A slight bend applied only at the, which, incidentally, extends just as far as the other three sides. An built in antenna is there in the top and bottom of the display in addition.

Content can also be displayed on the curved display parts in the form of operating icons. It is not the first time that Samsung has patented such a design. In December 2018 LetsGoDigital also reported on a Samsung smartphone with borderless display and in June this year we came across a Galaxy phone with a 3D curved display . The prototype that Oppo showed halfway through this year also has a curved display on which operating icons can be displayed. This smartphone was also equipped with an under-screen camera.

The patented technology is not only applicable for smartphones, but can also be used for a tablet PC, a PDA or a smart watch.Although Samsung itself does not produce game consoles , this display technology could even be used for a game console , according to the patent description. This technology can also be used with relatively large display formats, such as large-formatTVs or a billboard display.


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