Oppo has opted for a full-screen design

Oppo Reno telephone series has now been around for a year and a half. The relatively young line-up looks particularly stylish, the devices on the front consist exclusively of display surface. This is made possible by using a pop-up selfie camera that comes out of the housing in an elegant way. The Oppo Reno 2 series was introduced in October. These smartphones have a quadruple camera, which is absolutely unique for phones in this price range.

The Chinese manufacturer has already indicated that a new Reno 5G model is being developed, which will be introduced at the beginning of 2020, also for the Dutch market. However, it seems that Oppo has even more plans with its popular smartphone series.

The camera system clearly looks different from the already introduced Reno 10x Zoom and Reno2 (with 5x Hybrid zoom). Oppo has had the same model redefined, with color product renders this time.

In addition, the company has had a telephone model recorded with fewer cameras, two to be precise. In this article we limit ourselves to the latter model, since we have recently discussed the first model.

Oppo Guangdong Mobile Telecommunications had a design patent registered at the end of 2018 with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a ‘mobile phone’. The patent was published on November 15, 2019 and shows two phone models.

The basic model is most like the Oppo Reno Z and its dual camera. This is the only Reno telephone that has a notch. This time Oppo has opted for a full-screen design, similar to the recently introduced Reno2 Z . However, the camera system is less advanced than with the Reno2 Z, because we don’t see four, but two cameras.

The small circle under the camera system is striking. Other models within this telephone series have a so-called O-Dot, a small protruding ball that protects the camera system when the device is placed on the table. So this time a clear ‘R’ has been applied.Logically this refers to ‘Reno’.

The colorful backside also catches the eye. The blue / purple color scheme changes with the light, giving the device a playful yet stylish look. At the bottom you will find not only a connection for the charger, but also a 3.5mm connection to connect your headphones to.

It is as yet unknown whether the manufacturer intends to put this new Oppo Reno phone on the market. It is also possible that the company simply decided to skip this step. Because both the Reno2 Z and the Reno2 F, both budget models within the Reno line-up, are already equipped with a quad camera. The patented telephone is therefore either a new entry-level model, or Oppo has decided at the last minute to drastically increase the number of cameras, from 2 to 4.

source: letsgodigital

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