SpaceX’s Starship Mk 1 prototype suffered a serious accident during a ground test Wednessday. The explosion that took place in Texas on Wednesday reignited concerns about the SpaceX spacecraft project

SpaceX head Musk said that the company will no longer repair this version of the prototype spacecraft and will redesign the new version of the prototype spacecraft.

Musk’s SpaceX is developing a Starship for Mars immigration and landing on the moon, but in a stress test on Wednesday, a major explosion occurred in the prototype of the Starship.  SpaceX head Musk responded to the accident. He said that the company will not repair this version of the prototype spacecraft and will redesign the new version of the prototype spacecraft.

The Starship is the largest manned spacecraft ever developed by humans. It can transport 100 people to Mars and the Moon. It will be the most important vehicle for Musk to realize the dream of human settlement in Mars. But before the final spacecraft was built, SpaceX was testing various technologies and systems with prototypes of various versions of the spacecraft.

On the Twitter website, people are also hot on the SpaceX spacecraft explosion accident. The “Daily Astronaut” professional account advised Musk: “In today’s compression test, the Starship MK-1 prototype seems to be happening at the top. The explosion, which is a good opportunity for SpaceX, is not as good as the prototype of the MK-2 and MK-3 prototypes. Is the possibility of the version?”

Mask replied: “Absolutely, the only option is to enter the design of the Starship M4-3 version.” He said that the MK-1 prototype spacecraft is equivalent to a road opener made by a spacecraft, and the flight of the MK-3 version of the prototype spacecraft. The design will also be completely different.

It is unclear what time SpaceX has entered the MK-3 version of the Starship and the detailed differences between this version and the current trial version.

After the explosion on Wednesday, media reported that the prototype of the interstellar spacecraft was still relatively simple and rough.

The video shows that after the explosion on Wednesday, the prototype of the on-site interstellar spacecraft was full of smoke. A statement issued by SpaceX wrote: “The purpose of today’s test is to exert maximum pressure on the system, so the results are not completely unexpected.”

According to SpaceX’s original plan, the MK-1 prototype spacecraft is preparing to conduct the first test flight in a few weeks. The spacecraft plans to take off 20 kilometers and launch an unprecedented “free fall” landing test.

Musk regularly updates his Starship program, most recently in September, in which he gave a detailed account of the engineering issues and possible application prospects of the Starship.

Mask said that the prototype of the MK-3 interplanetary spacecraft is faster to manufacture and can fly into space orbit.

Like SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, the Starship is designed to be reusable. Musk hopes that the interstellar spacecraft can be reused like the US space shuttle, so the cost of transporting humans to the moon or Mars will drop dramatically.

At a conference in California earlier this month, Musk said that the StarCraft will only need to use $900,000 in fuel for future launches. In contrast, NASA’s rocket launch uses $1.3 million in fuel each time. According to Musk, the total cost of each launch of the future interstellar spacecraft is only $2 million, far less than the $450 million that NASA has launched in the space shuttle.

It should be noted that in future space flight and launch activities, the spacecraft will also need to rely on SpaceX’s next-generation “super heavy rocket” to provide launch services.

NASA is designing manned spacecraft and large rockets (called “space launch systems”) for Mars and the moon, and SpaceX and Musk believe that their interplanetary spacecraft can fully complete NASA’s mission.

However, NASA has not considered allowing the Starship to complete the manned mission. Recently, SpaceX and Bezos Blue Origins joined a NASA program that will use Spacecraft to help NASA deliver scientific research equipment to the moon.

According to the plan, SpaceX will first use the interstellar spacecraft to land on the moon to establish a transit station for humans to stay for a long time, as a springboard for landing on Mars and establishing settlements.

Failure experience

For SpaceX, an explosion or failure is not news. The company has repeatedly failed to launch the Falcon series of rockets and ground recycling, and finally succeeded. In April of this year, the company‚Äôs manned version of the dragon spacecraft also exploded during the test, which led to the postponement of future manned missions. Early next year, SpaceX will send NASA astronauts to the International Space Station.

But SpaceX is not afraid of these failures. It believes that the rapid development process of “build, test and iterate” can develop advanced aerospace technology.

For the first time in human history, SpaceX has achieved rocket re-use launches and has gained more than half of the global satellite launch market. Nowadays, under the enlightenment of SpaceX, many rocket launching companies are developing recycling technology.

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