On November 22 US Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said that the US Army is working on the national security concerns raised by TikTok’s storage and processing of user data in a US Congress and conduct a security assessment of the application platform.

McCarthy told reporters at an event at the American Enterprise Institute of Think Tanks that he had issued an order to evaluate the application of the short video at the request of Chuck Schumer, a US Senate minority leader and Democrat. .

TikTok is an international version of the domestic short video application, which has been popular among local youth groups since its launch in the United States.According to the US military media military.com, because TikTok is popular among young Americans, the US Army has used TikTok to recruit youth campaigns since last year and has achieved remarkable results.

In light of this, Schumer had previously sent a letter to McCarthy asking for an investigation into the risks of recruiting American youth into the military using the popular video application.

In a letter to McCarthy on November 7th, local time, Schumer said, “Collect and process user data for TikTok, including user content and communications, IP addresses, location-related data, metadata and other sensitive personal information, the country Security experts have raised concerns.”

In 2017, TikTok’s parent company, Beijing Bytes, spent $1 billion to acquire USsocial media application Musical.ly and merge it into TikTok. However, this acquisition, which has been in the past few years, is now under the guise of some politicians in the United States, and on the so-called national security issue, the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS) is conducting a national security review of the acquisition.

In response to the above news, TikTok did not immediately respond to the media’s request for comment.

Earlier, the US lawmakers’ accusations that the application platform was risky in terms of user privacy and national security have been repeatedly denied by TikTok. TikTok said that its US user data is all stored in the United States.

Tinesok US business general manager Vanessa Pappas sent a blog post on November 5th that Tiktok US user data is stored in the US and has a backup in Singapore.

Beijing Byte Beat is one of the fastest growing start-ups in China. The company said this year that TikTok has 26.5 million monthly active users in the US, and about 60% of them are teenagers between the ages of 16 and 24.

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